Can Tourism Marketing Increase Income?

Can Tourism Marketing Increase Income

What makes the car rental industry as its business is considered as the most profitable and the lowest cost with many sectors of the economy relying on it as a contact? Hiring full time employees, continuously managing them, constantly searching for new staff, know where to send them etc. All this is a part of the car rental company’s job and they do it well.

Another investment that any business needs is the customer list, you want new customers who will come back to do business with you because if you don’t have them, they will go to someone who does! The customer list is the most important marketing asset in any business!

Di concentrations such as complacency and complacency in doing business is the key reason why otherwise successful businesses fail.

What is Tourism Marketing?

There are many factors that fall under tourism marketing and you may need help or guidance in working out how to go about it? The following approach is proven as one that works and will work for everyone. It all started many years ago when the international airline industry used the same marketing approach that we are about to share with you. Tourism companies first realised that they could target their potential customers by placing a small card or small stamp in their mailbox very similar to a competition entry form.

Each month, each and every week, they were sure to get their company in front of their potential customer. The only problem at that time was people could not do this, and only some hotels would allow the staff to go and deliver the cards delivering to the customers’ address. So what did they do then?

They created a few other small, although the marketing calls became louder and more frequent, one every week for every hotel they had been invited to speak or surf. By doing this marketing initiative there was a constant focus on getting their company in front of their client. So what is correct marketing and what is wrong marketing?

Well we have already discussed that you can create a profile for your company and this will ensure that each of your recent visitors are on your customers database.

Is it really that simple? Well yes, if you do it correctly and if you prove that you deliver on your promises, you have a definite customer and you are also likely to be asked back to the same place at some point in the future. This demonstrates your reliability, your willingness and desire to be professional and consistent.

It is very important to make sure that your customers are satisfied, you may get lots of testimonials from those who have liked your service but it is often more cost effective to ask for testimonials via email (in case you are happy with your service!)

So now you have the marketing strategy to get your website filled with people who frequent your website and you have the system to continually give them an opportunity to do business with you, but what about your income?

This is where you need a marketing campaign:

  • The most effective marketing strategy I have ever seen is not the most expensive or the best known as it is very effective and if you know how to illustrate your expertise online and in your field, it can actually be free! In order to get on e-newsletter lists for the new group booking maybe; Make sure you ask NAGAPOKER for those people who are interested in what you are trying to enhance, who don’t already book, who have never used your services before, etc. This will help you to gain momentum and engagement from them.
  • Don’t worry about appearing expensive (remember, you have the resources)
  • You already have the marketing plan
  • Will this marketing campaign cost any money?
  • Get your website seeing high search engine rankings
  • Get word of mouth referrals
  • Build a trusted customer list
  • Make sure your website is modern and very easy to use
  • Overcome your own fears and limitations
  • Get written about in the press, periodicals etc.
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