How to Play in a Golf Tournament

Most poker players over look satellite poker tournaments as a way to win a seat into a larger larger tournament such as the world series of poker or the latest poker tournament. Though the seats are generally not very expensive, you do have to travel to wherever they are held. The cost of the trip to the tournament nearly always includes airfare, hotel accommodations, and you will also need to make a few different bets to cover the expenses of your tournament. In exchange for this expense, you will have the opportunity to earn a small bit of cash. If you win a satellite poker tournament, you generally have to pay the same entrance fee as a regular poker tournament. Some of the same rules may apply to your satellite poker tournament as well, so it can also become quite expensive. In addition to the entrance fee, you will also need to pay the tournament fee. When the tournament ends, the players Remaining players (those who did not win in the last round) will be invited back to play a rebuy tournament. Perhaps the most important thing to remember about satellite poker tournaments is that they are strictly for entertainment and may not be used as your actual way to earn money in any way. Therefore, it is advisable to play in tournaments while still trying to earn a seat into a larger tournament. In addition to gaining more tournament experience, you will also be able to train and prepare yourself for the eventual goal of winning a large tournament in the future. Be sure to read the particular rules concerning entry into each tournament and pay strict attention to them, as they will differ from each tournament. In addition to the particular rules, the buy-ins may also apply to the satellite tournaments. Certain sites will use an entry fee in their satellite tournaments and other sites will allow the fee to be used on all satellites. It is important to remember that although the object of the satellite poker tournaments is to win a seat into a higher paying tournament, you still need to complete the satellite before being able to do so. Therefore, you will need to be very careful in selecting the tournaments in which you will participate. Online poker room sites who offer satellite tournaments will generally take a monthly fee from each player who participated in the satellite. The monthly entry fee is normally 10% of the satellite's total buy-in. This means that the satellite that you select will cost you 10% of your total buy in - regardless of how many players actually enter. As you can see, satellite poker tournaments can be an excellent way to improve your dominobet bankroll. They provide you with the opportunity to play against some of the top players in the industry, many of whom are great themselves. In addition, most of the top players are willing to answer any questions regarding your tournament. After all, they want to get credit for your success - especially if you will be using their name in the article. However, many people have a problem with satellites. They have no idea how to pick the right one, and will often spend a lot of time and money flying to Las Vegas just to play in a tournament at a different poker room. While the tournaments at Vegasink can certainly be very exciting, they are not usually worth the time or money - and certainly not enough to call it a satellite. The best way to play in satellites is to play at the start of the season when many players are still trying to establish a regular routine. Your buy in will be much smaller, but your opportunity to play is much greater. Therefore, if you haven't already made your game the way that you want it, consider playing in a satellite first. You can play for much less money and it gives you a chance to play against the best players in the game without risking much of your own stake.

How to Win the Euro

How to identify value in your bets? That's the big question. My friend, Alex Napierone has been making money doing so for some years now, but has had little luck until recently. He's spent months and probably even years going over his bets, but comes up short. Here's how he explained it to me: "I set out to find ways to turn the betting odds into a positive side. Once I did, I realized that the typical punter was punting for the wrong reasons. He takes the view that if something is red, it will go black, but he is actually betting against the bank. The focus of his attention is on the fact that the bookies will in the end always win, and indeed, they do. For this reason, he cannot win money at soccer. Because the bookies always win, the bookies will always edge the odds in their favour. "So for me, what I have tried to do is to build up a system where I can take the odds to the shop and say, 'Here, take these wholes for a while, and we'll turn them in to cash'" And so he has, and many others like him. The key is that they know the reasons they bet on soccer, rather than some mystical ones. They know the statistical odds, they know the factors that affect the outcome of a game. In short, they know their bingo. In fact, they know a lot more than the Euromillions caller. The reason they can take the odds is because they know the factors which affect the odds, and they know more than the bookies. The people behind the methods can guarantee that, over time, the punters will show the same level of profits as the bookies. In fact, some have done this already. The reason you cannot guarantee the profits is that the bookies have the edge every single time. The bookies cannot be beaten over the long term, it is the you who are at a monetary disadvantage. The solution is to adopt the methods of the bookies. Rather than trying to beat the bookies, make your profits from them. The first thing you need to do to win is to join the bookies' games, and bet on the same events that the bookies are. The reason you cannot do this yet is that the bookies listed some prices higher than others, and some have much more generous offers than others. In those games the bookies offer you much better odds than you can on the independent markets. Some of the best opportunities come when the bookies have a history of some pretty big wins. Such opportunities don't come often, however, and definitely cannot be predicted. In the Afapoker game, the biggest advantage the house has is that it is the bookie, and that it is the only game with such a big advantage to the books. The chances of somebody else winning the Euromillions jackpot are tiny, and in any other game the chances are, you are far better off just playing the UK game. The bookies do this knowing that over time, most people will give it all to the bookie. Playing the Euro millions gives you a slightly better chance than doing the lotto at the time of purchase, but the chances are still small. The chances on the Euro millions game, compared to the British National Lottery game, are almost identical and you have to play the same games to win the same prizes. In the USA lotto, Powerball, the majority of these games offer big money prizes and the odds are not in anybody's favour. None of these games can be predicted. If you had a time machine, you could go back to the moment of the drawing and change your future. But still you would have a 50% chance of winning. In the USA the state lotto games there is the best chance for a win and even in the miss return period, the prizes are not so big. Maybe somebody managed to find the formula? In the Euro millions game, it is the onus of the player to guess the correct five number combination. The total prize fund reward can reach several million pounds. The odds in this game are very high, in order to qualify for the jackpot, you have to match all panels. You have to match them all, thereby winning the jackpot. However you may ask, what if you don't match any of the panels? In that case, you can either offline the game, or you can request for a quick game. The customer service of the Euro millions site is good and they are ready to assist you.

How to Play Poker Online

The game of poker has been around for many years and with the advent of the Internet a lot of casinos have opened online to encourage poker playing by the masses. Hence, it can be said that poker is by far the most popular card game in the world, next only to blackjack and among the three, poker has become almost the national pastime. Poker may seem an easy game to learn but to play correctly you must have a powerful strategy, gut to work out the odds and manage your play, big mistakes to avoid and a few pointers to get you started. First of all, the game can be played with any standard deck of 52 cards but to make it interesting and different you can include some styles, like wild card in the deck (or any of the other popular card combinations) and the use of dealer signature to make the game less random and more mechanic. There are many terms that you need to become familiar with, most notably the hand rankings and the game rules. A "hand" is the combination of cards that you are holding, in this case you could go for your five cards, or you can even complete the game by getting two of the five cards to make a "full house". The three of a kind is the second highest hand and there are only three of them per deck. Next is the "flush" where all cards are in the same sequence, but not of the same suit. After that is the straight which consists of five cards in the same sequence but not in the same suit. After that is the "full house" or just "omega" as the name suggests, where you have a pair plus three of the five cards in the same sequence. Lastly, Revenue 1972 is the simplest form of poker, all you need to have are three of the cards from the same suit, succeed to set. The important factor that you need to remember when learning poker is that this is still a game of mathematics. There are certain hand odds that you may be subject to while playing poker. Of course, you need to remember that this is applicable for any card games and not just poker. Indeed, it is a game of pure mathematics. But, you need to take all of this information and integrate it to your poker strategy, this will make you a poker master in no time. The rules of poker can be organized in different ways. For example, you can learn poker by playing it on a video game or by reading various books on pokerbo. The important idea is that you learn the rules of poker by playing with your friends or by taking part in tournaments offered by the various online casinos. Basically, the learning of poker rules is somewhat the same for all variants of poker. When you play poker online you need to fully understand the game rules including all the moves and the moves of your opponent. This is why taking part in online poker tournaments is a great idea, they offer you the chance to play with large sums of money and at the same time watch your strategies and reactions. However, you need to finalize your strategies and once you do, you will find that the game of poker will be very entertaining and also your bank account growing. Besides, no more than two persons can be at the same poker table when you play poker online. This means that you have to pick two friends who you trust to organize the game and to play with you. At the same time, you have to make sure that they are very serious about the game. You also need to think about the OFFLOPE--a merger of five online poker sites. Currently, there are about 20 such private poker rooms which you can access and you just need to take the poker site offered in your country. Not only poker sites offer different payment options, so you need to consider the payment options of your site.  The most important thing for you to do is to make sure that you have found an awesome poker site before placing your first bets!

Finding the Best Bingo Sites From the Bingo

What should you look for when trying to find the best bingo sites? Further to the bingo reviews, you can find a wealth of information provided on the web in the form of 'dewapoker reviews'. Reading these reviews will provide you with 'good to finest' information which will help you to choose the best site for you. You can select to join a site if you feel that your current online bingo room is not paying you well for your online games. If you are happy with the prices, you can simply sign up and start playing, but if you prefer to play for free, you can do so. Once you have signed up, you will be able to participate in the bingo games and win some fantastic prizes! You can select to play a variety of online bingo games, such as 75-ball bingo, 90-ball bingo, 80-ball bingo, sports bingo, networking bingo and so many more. Once you have selected a game or games to play, you can play all of the available rooms for that particular game. Not only will you have lots of fun, but you will also receive extra bonuses and prizes. The bingo reviews will also provide you with information which you need to review the best places to start playing online bingo. One good way to start is by reading the reviews left by the people who have played online bingo in the past. Of course, the right online bingo reviews will also offer you with information on the different bonuses available especially to the new players. In addition, you will also find a lot of information on the different deposit methods practiced by online bingo sites. You can use an internet search engine to find the best online bingo reviews, but nevertheless it will be absolutely meticulous. Not only will it give you the detail, statistics and reviews, you will also be able to find an array of reviews written by experts in this field. Further, you will be able to find a mixture of information on the different sign up bonuses and special offers. Another avenue to find the suitable online bingo review site is to check whether they have video tutorials for the players. There are plenty of sites on the internet which have a range of video tutorials in addition to the review. Well, if you find that the tutor is good, you can opt to watch the tutorial. In addition, you can also read the reviews placed by the reviewers. Another important aspect in determining which is good is to try out the free bingo offered by many online bingo sites. Apart from this, you can also check whether the site has any monthly or seasonal promotions. If you get your prize from the first offer, you can sure have a good time in bingo. Further, you can take help of the community forum or the bingo review sites to search for input on the different aspects. However, you should keep in mind that the reviews you read may not be the same and the experiences of other users cannot be compared. Mastering the different bingo games in online bingo halls and learning to play bingo for the first time is a complicated process. Through the help of the internet, you can find the various programs that allow you to learn to play the game. Even if you don't want to invest money in your first game, these sites can still help you to learn the intricacies of the game. Through the feedback of other users, you can be able to find out if the features of a particular game are worth trying or not. However, if you are a novice at online bingo, you should try out different types of programs to find the one that is best suited for you. Each of these has its own specialty and if you analyze their qualities well, you can be able to select the best for you.

Texas Hold’em Poker

Texas Hold'em Poker - Revealed - The Only Time You Should Be Showing Your Cards Č Always remember this principle: Play The Player, Not The Cards. Most of the inconsistencies that you are currently experiencing are because you're chasing some high cards that have no chance of winning. Sure, you may have called three raises in a row with pocket pairs, or bluffed two completely limp flops, but you still get the chips in with these hands. It's time to move on to another hand, like the one you got out of the blinds today. The Player, Not The Cards The basis of this thought process is the fact that the cards you see on the table don't really matter. Don't pay attention to the cards in your hand or your opponent's hand. Instead, consider the betting history of your opponents, or what cards are on the table not withstanding what you know about them. For instance, you're sitting on the cutoff and two players call the big blind with a 3-amount bet. The flop comes 5-of-a-kind. One of the players bets more, approximately 8 times the big blind. You figure he has a good hand, but you know he could have called with aces. You have nothing in the pocket, but decide to call the pot. The turn is a 4. The player bets again, again approximately 8 times the big blind. Now you have a pretty good hand, the best you can get with that flop is a set. You know you've got to make this one count, so you decide to make a pot sized bet to get the most out of the hand. 8 times the big blind is a lot to bet, so you call. The river is a 9, and you are ready to rake in the money. One player bets twice the pot, another times three times the pot, and the third time five times the pot. Your eyes go big as you see the 10 going in. One player calls, the other two either stay in the game, or go all in. You decide to stay in the game, and the cards fall as they should. A Q on the river from a player who had called the flop and bet twice the pot is, of course, a no-brainer. You just make out the call, and reveal your hand. And…your opponent sees your cards. Your weak hand gets exposed, and they gleefully point and laugh at you. You don't even realize what has happened. You spend the rest of the hand explaining what has happened, and explaining to your friends what you believe is a very strong hand. You explain that you had quads (with the King and Ace of hearts). They could have any Rogue hand, and could have just as easily made a straight, or flush, or straight draw, or whatever. But the 10 would have meant a lot of money. The next day, your friends start asking you about the "Pokerace99" you mention in the first post. You tell them about Ace King, and promptly get called every time you have the cards. Eventually, you give up on the concept. "It's just a ten; a lot of people play that. It's not very strategic if you're playing a lot of pots." No! Wait, I'm not done talking about that! Actually, that's the exact opposite of what you just said. You're not going to play just a ten, because that's a hand you're going to lose. You're going to throw away a lot of losing hands in order to protect the hand you have. The ten is the hand you are trying to protect. If you think about it, that's the only hand that really gets to you - the rest just kind of fade into the background. But, that hand didn't really exist in the first place. It was added by the post-flop betting in a tournament. You picked up Ace King off the flop, and called a bet, then it was raised to you. You had nothing in the pocket, but it was an easy call; you were beaten by a flush on the turn. The first player to act in the blinds busted out, and the second player to act could only call the raise. He was out of chips, so he called. You picked up a small pot. You could have kept on calling, and possibly made a little more, but you didn't want to risk a lot of your chips just to try and get heads up with the winner. You were only able to double up with only the blinds, which don't count at all in an heads up situation.

Casino Tracking – Is it a Secret Techique or Not?

Can you actually track a casino from the comfort of your couch? That's a question best asked by the members of the Sin City Lottery Commission. Commission members are in the well to decide if Las Vegas will be the next state capital of the United States. Conceive in the early 1990s that it would be feasible to install trackers in slot machines at a casino and make data analyzing easier. Data mining was feasible for a number of reasons. There were state lotteries, such as Powerball, that offered huge jackpots and prizes worth hundreds of millions of dollars. The Powerball jackpots sometimes reach into the hundreds of millions of dollars. Antique slot machines were also available that could be tracked and had possible pictures of the symbols on the reels. It was in the early nineties that this idea took hold in the general public's mind. Data mining for the purpose of winning Powerball jackpots was a possibility. Although no one was willing to discuss these ideas to begin with, any society member who had the relevant knowledge about lottery fraud could possibly have used the techniques to win the Jackpot. Of course, most Everyone would agree that it was just a bit of fun and had no monetary benefit. Of course, perhaps the most notable outcome of the tracking device was the ability of the MIT Blackjack team to win a million dollars during the 2004 International Casino Games. Early tracking devices merely measured the rotation of a wheel with each hand. It was not until 2001 that the mouse computer became serious enough to track wheel positions with graphics, making it easy to identify specific times and positions of a roulette wheel. Seeing the spins on the roulette table, computer software could generate accurate matrices that could predict the coming numbers on the next spin. Early versions of mouse-based slot machine game showed some success in internet casinos, but nothing came close to the success of the real commercialized versions of the devices. For the data-mining enthusiast, a device that would allow you to keep track of hundreds of thousands of spins would be perfect. Today, you can get scanners that can do the job just as effectively. These solid-state disk drive based scanner/rescent type devices provide real-time, batches-rained near real-time location of the device. The device provides its own power supply and is not reliant on an external source to maintain its spin data. You no longer need to manually spin the device or track it. These pocket sized, spy size, scratch-resistant spy blanks can be tracked with a simple hand signal, whether it is digitized, calibrated, or manually entered by the user. The device is small enough to hide easily in a bag or a purse and it will not be obvious that it is a "spy" device when the box it is in is placed in a pocket. Two decades after the first "spy" devices were invented, and the internet is still a 20th century technology that most people still can't imagine. It is said that our governments have permitted the sale of this type of devices to everyone across the United States. This is probably one of the most astonished facts of modern times and to be honest we are doing everything possible to make sure that everyone is aware of how we all are connected to each other at a very fundamental level and your actions may very well affect your destiny and the fate of those around you. The Second Turning Point in History Perhaps the second most significant event in history was accomplished by computers and computers themselves. They have taken measurements of everything and discovered things about us that make us human. The first computers were invented in the late 1940s. Since then, the understanding of everything has been incredible. We are surrounded by a universe of incredible possibilities. The implications of the potential futures are amazingly vast in a way that no two pieces of paper can describe fully. The Third Turning Point in History The internet has been a tool that has greatly advanced our lives in so many ways. It has been a direct force for good and has been misunderstood and sometimes disabled by those with an agenda. The websites we are connected to and participate in every day would be impossible without computers. Some with magical powers have been able to view the outcomes of the games that we play and beyond that have been the creation of computer programs. The fourth turning point in history has been the invention of the card game of poker. Previously, poker was a game that was only played in dangerous bars and casinos by the elite of society. It was a game that was meant to be played against other players and was used to intimidate people who were hostile to the idea of regular people enjoying themselves. Within a few years, though, the meaning of kartupoker began to be more widely embody a worldwide, vertically integrated entertainment industry.

What to Play Poker For a Living

Playing poker for a living is absolutely not the dream it may seem. Even at the moment I can't imagine playing poker and being able to make a living from it. There are two parts to playing poker for a living as I see it. The parts that make me a professional gambler. The parts that make me a business owner. The pro is aware of the following: There is a significant emotional element to all of this. You have to be able to adapt your mindset on the fly as your bankroll changes. There is one thing that is unique to poker, and that is that no one can actually tell what you are holding. You are never going to have a good bracket if you do not participate in the races for spots. You are never going to have a good tournament if you do not go at it with a zillion dollars in your pocket. You are never going to have a good website if you cannot pay for it. Admittedly it is a lot. But, you had better think big. If you had a few hundred thousand behind you, you might consider it a small investment. The really big times you are going to be setting yourself up for massive pots and you are going to require a lot of different skills and a lot of capital. What I see a lot of people doing is they just open remipoker accounts, deposit a hundred or two hundred dollars, and then think that they are going to get some lucky poker playing and they will win a couple hundred dollars. This is not how it works. If you can go into a sit and go or cash game with fifty buy ins it doesn't mean you can play for free. It doesn't mean you won't lose a couple hundred if you take a couple of bad beats. You are going to have bad beats, you are going to have hot streaks, you are going to be on that losing streak, and you are going to be anything but patient. If you had a one hundred buy in bankroll and you were going up three hundred on the day then you might feel like you could handle it, but you are going to be in for a bit of a shock. If you are ten buy in the bank and you are up three hundred then most likely you are not going to last that long. Bankroll needs to be managed properly or it will kill you. There are a lot of opinions on what is a good bankroll to play with. The answer is not set at fifty buy ins. It is somewhere in the middle. Two hundred is a good rule of thumb. If you have done your homework and you think you can handle two hundred buy ins then I say you take a shot at it. It is one thing to dream about being a pro and it is another thing to make the dream real. There are a lot of resources out there about poker online and you need to make sure you find out who is reputable and not. Reputation means a lot on this game. Any questions you have to ask your self a follow up. Like how did they pass their qualifying rounds? Are there cash outs? What are the pro's going to say about my poker website? It is hard to find but you need to fight through the information and get what you need.

Playing Bingo Games Online

If you are like one of those who enjoy playing bingo games online, you probably already know that the Internet is the best place to play bingo games online. No matter where you live, if you have access to the Internet, you can play bingo games online for free or for real money with online bingo halls. The only thing that you have to do is decide which online bingo hall you want to play at and when you sign-up you do so with a new username and password. These two aspects are the hardware and the software that you have to put the money into to play online bingo. There are many benefits to playing bingo games online. For instance, you don't have to worry about sharing your denominational or ethnic background with your potential fellow players. If you want to play with a group of people of different backgrounds, you can easily do so when playing bingo games online, all you need to have is a good Internet connection and a computer. Also, if you have children that are younger than 18, you can still play these games, as long as you consider your children as being under the age of 18. child revealing online bingo One of the greats about bingo games online is that you can play bingo for fun or for money. This means that if you have a difficult time understanding the mental tests that people partaking in would require before actually playing the game, you can choose to play free bingo for fun. This will allow you to fully enjoy yourself and get a feel of the bingo lingo and community without having to worry aboutNEVERDOING homework. What to look for in online bingo sites If you are used to visiting your favorite bingo hall to play bingo, you should look out for online pokerlegenda sites. Here are some of the things you should look for, suggestions that you may want to try. Half time or full time availability- nearly all online bingo halls offer games at certain times. You will need to check with the times of the day that the games are held to find out what times are available, if there areramblers available at certain times, or if there aremasters of these online bingo sites. western corner of the USA-this is a good bingo location, especially for people who live in the western part of the USA. Many online bingo sites are available in this part of the USA, so you have a choice of playing bingo in a land-based bingo hall or playing bingo online. Of course, depending on your position in the world, you might not have many options, in which case going online would probably be the better choice. hourly action-this is the kind of action that you are likely to find provided that you log on to an online bingo site.raw numbers-they produce random numbers instead of using birthdays, so that you can make out of the millions of possibilities what numbers will be drawn. low number of players-you can usually find a site with a low number of players, around 5 to 10 per room. What you should know is thatraw numbers-they produce random numbers instead of using birthdays, so that you can make out of the millions of possibilities what numbers will be drawn. monthly action-you can find a site that has monthly action if you log on to a weekly schedule. With a low number of players, there will usually be a lot of games and you'll be able to play a lot of games very for an extended period of time. extra games-this is extra because it's risky to offer extra games in a site. Players who are used to online bingo halls know that because of the availability of a wide range of games, the sites can offer more than the usual bingo hall. In this way, the players can receive a large number of bingo cards for less money and the websites make huge money for their bingo sites. Now you are probably aware that you can find these reviews very easily, you may also be wondering whether or not pay-to-win sites are scam websites. The answer is 'Yes they are scam websites' There are many trust worthy websites that list reasons why you should not trust pay to win bingo sites with your money. You can read through the lists and decide for yourself if you agree with the sentiments expressed.

Can Tourism Marketing Increase Income?

What makes the car rental industry as its business is considered as the most profitable and the lowest cost with many sectors of the economy relying on it as a contact? Hiring full time employees, continuously managing them, constantly searching for new staff, know where to send them etc. All this is a part of the car rental company's job and they do it well. Another investment that any business needs is the customer list, you want new customers who will come back to do business with you because if you don't have them, they will go to someone who does! The customer list is the most important marketing asset in any business! Di concentrations such as complacency and complacency in doing business is the key reason why otherwise successful businesses fail. What is Tourism Marketing? There are many factors that fall under tourism marketing and you may need help or guidance in working out how to go about it? The following approach is proven as one that works and will work for everyone. It all started many years ago when the international airline industry used the same marketing approach that we are about to share with you. Tourism companies first realised that they could target their potential customers by placing a small card or small stamp in their mailbox very similar to a competition entry form. Each month, each and every week, they were sure to get their company in front of their potential customer. The only problem at that time was people could not do this, and only some hotels would allow the staff to go and deliver the cards delivering to the customers' address. So what did they do then? They created a few other small, although the marketing calls became louder and more frequent, one every week for every hotel they had been invited to speak or surf. By doing this marketing initiative there was a constant focus on getting their company in front of their client. So what is correct marketing and what is wrong marketing? Well we have already discussed that you can create a profile for your company and this will ensure that each of your recent visitors are on your customers database. Is it really that simple? Well yes, if you do it correctly and if you prove that you deliver on your promises, you have a definite customer and you are also likely to be asked back to the same place at some point in the future. This demonstrates your reliability, your willingness and desire to be professional and consistent. It is very important to make sure that your customers are satisfied, you may get lots of testimonials from those who have liked your service but it is often more cost effective to ask for testimonials via email (in case you are happy with your service!) So now you have the marketing strategy to get your website filled with people who frequent your website and you have the system to continually give them an opportunity to do business with you, but what about your income? This is where you need a marketing campaign: The most effective marketing strategy I have ever seen is not the most expensive or the best known as it is very effective and if you know how to illustrate your expertise online and in your field, it can actually be free! In order to get on e-newsletter lists for the new group booking maybe; Make sure you ask NAGAPOKER for those people who are interested in what you are trying to enhance, who don't already book, who have never used your services before, etc. This will help you to gain momentum and engagement from them.Don't worry about appearing expensive (remember, you have the resources)You already have the marketing planWill this marketing campaign cost any money?Get your website seeing high search engine rankingsGet word of mouth referralsBuild a trusted customer listMake sure your website is modern and very easy to useOvercome your own fears and limitationsGet written about in the press, periodicals etc.

Five Steps to Powerful and Successful Operations

Recently, I had the opportunity and privilege to spend time with a group of leaders in which I assessed and taught some vital leadership skills. I was little surprised to hear how much real life was managing the leader. It gave me pause to realize that even these seasoned manager archers didn't fully understand their blind spots in running their businesses! The Seven Steps that guide the success of an organization are essentially common sense and these best practices are outlined below for leaders and their managers Employees who understand and apply them have large businesses that give the Manager and his employees the status of the rank and file.. They have the option to take the CEO or the CFO or to become a Belt and sometime the P&L person, the Accounts payables person, the Chief Financial Officer or the Sales Person, the Sales person, the Operations person and the CFO or the Emergency Manager. Every business is different, you decide your role The first one is: Be honest with yourself. The sooner you address this issue, the quicker you can begin to change. Most performance issues (and many other problems) can be attributed to you or to someone else. Are you still getting promoted, are you being given the special projects to correct business processes, can I say that about you? If the issue still needs more time to address, then you can work with two people - you and the team member. Perhaps achieving the issue will be later on a higher impact process. The first step begins with trust. You will need to change your mindset from Thinking of Yourself first to seeing the issue as the team member and feedback can start there. But by the time you have the issue appeased, it is often more helpful to gather information for their part. The direct feedback may eventually be needed. But often its content is better addressed in the other conversation. Change has been helpful to some of our Managers and Managers often seemed to not want to be changed! "It's really hard!" I said. "Do you know anyone who will be willing to deal with this issue? Or is it going to require more effort for you? " What to do? There are several factors to consider other than the immediate feedback session. What about the culture at your workplace? What is your commitment like? What are the bridges you will have to cross in order to shift to acknowledge the feedback? What are the areas that you want to show improvement so what will it take? These are indications as to what can be done. Summary: Take on board past feedback with the attitude that its first step towards becoming the much needed manager and its charge. ( Get it from someone who knows!) 4) Confucius, from, the Chinese inflicting pain, " Tommy English and Micahzed Petrel" is believed by some to be a little too pretentive The Telekom folks seemed to like the cartoon and he may have even passed it on… Often the employee will take a "lapak303" as soon as the "sit down and talk". Talk to them as you would if you had the same issue. Then in private, do the follow up to find areas of strength and improvement. One of my pet sayings is, " Never engage in "over-communication". You and your team will feel resentful and disinterested, trust me! Another effective approach is to ask the employees involvement, before you embark on process improvement. Find out what you can as well as what you may not even know! One of my colleagues, after one of these unusual ways of approach has been proven, told me that they would take all of this and would make changes! You see, usually the people who request the change are the ones that have the initial objection to change. Change is no more effective than the inability to identify a need to change. This is reinforces the basic need for us all to "Ask" What, Then "Receive" What you really want. Then have the trust to make the change. 5) I've found that the best case scenario a Manager can make is: " You need to do it. But, with a little help from me, what you see being system and process oriented will be best if you can accomplish this goal." Remember as well that the only way you can establish a successful cycle is if you share what you are going to in the way and with the people you are with, even though no one may be present. Remember why change has to be so visible! Establish performance goals, make the time to work with your team with your goals and objectives on a regular basis.