Poker – Which Cards Should I Play?

After you have got your two cards, you need to decide whether you have a chance to get anything with them or not. Whether it’s useful to put more money into this game or not.

Firstly, there are certain cards you should always play (or Vegas88). Cards Ace, King, Queen, Jack, Ten, Nine…They are all suited cards, which is very important. That is if you want to get a royal flush. When you see an Ace, for instance, you will see a 3 of spades. Then there are the rest, starting from 2. The reason they are all suited is the probability of them coming in is very high. After all, you only have one chance to hit. There are only 4 face cards and 8 suited cards. That leaves 16 unsuited cards and muy mah!

Should you play all of the 16 unsuited cards? I’ll give you a hint: they aren’t any good. Rather than all of the 16, play only 8. That leaves you with a chance of hitting 21.

Secondly, there are all the face cards, from 2 to 9. They are all ordinary cards. Play all of the 8 and leave the rest out. You might as well play all the 22 out there, since you have a better chance of flopping a Royal Flush.

Thirdly, with low pocket pairs in Texas Hold’em, you need to play any Ace, King or Queen, as long as they are suited. Why? You could have as many as nine pairs of Aces left to be played. If you have any two Aces, you are set to go. Similarly any pair of King’s is fair game. The same principle applies to Queens, Jams and Kings.

If you want, you can include Kings in your hand, even the Jack is if you have an Ace for your first card. This way you would double the possibilities of your winning hand! However, I am not convinced to include Kings in your list. I think there are other factors involved. You could be holding an Ace, but there are three other cards to come out of the deck, so it is unlikely that you will have two cards for that next card. In any case, relying on these cards to complete your hand and beat the dealer is not very probable.

When you are just starting out with the game, you can get stuck with low value cards and not realise how low your hand is. You might think you have a good hand when really your hand is very weak and should simply fold. But what if there was a lot of money in the pot and the other person draws out on you? You would be outved by two aces anyhow. Therefore it is nearly impossible to make money from any but the strongest hands.

To drive home the importance of not playing low value cards, each hand has a certain chance of being the best hand. The more you look at them, the more you will recognise that they are not as strong as you might think. If you are not drawing for a straight, flush or more than two pair, then you should consider analysing the way you are playing the cards. Maybe you are making an error rate, or not playing cards in the best possible way.

Playing and analysing your hands will be a key technique for making money with poker. This is the one resource that you cannot improve without!

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Lotto Strategies

Instead of smoking, the smokers, who traditionally play only Virginia Semi-Lotto, now seems to be changing their brand. Now they are amongst the first to be trying Handicapping the Lottery.

Handicapping the Lottery is not a strategy or system for winning the Pick 3 or Pick 4 Lotto. Rather it is a method to help analyze and improve the Pick 3 and Pick 4 Lottery Games. Some may remember the old airing of the Threeeyed Royster,rying in vain to gain the triple digit millions of dollars in the lottery.

The Royster, Bobbyette, and Edney can be traced back to the early 1900’s when the typical lottery player or even employee would have participated in matches, as well as purchased filtering systems to help them choose their winning combinations. Anyone who had the knowledge of a method of legitimately selecting a winning combination could have picked the threedigit winning Pick 3 number earlier than they could today.

In the VA Lottery, the voice of reason finally prevailed. On August 24, 1990, the Board of valuation ruled against the Royster virus. It was estimated that more than $11.5 Million worth of bids were placed on the names of the threearre’dies.

VA Lottery finally came to a conclusion after going through a great investigation. They interviewed dozens of people. They found that more than 99% of those people had purchased a Virginia Lottery ticket using the Royster virus.

VA Lottery took the unusual step of holding a hearing to convince the world that no person or group of people had used theirus to win the Lottery. They presented depositions which included statements from several sources.

Data SGP 2022!

Stricter measures were taken and all those who played the VA Lottery while using the Royster virus were either banned from playing or given suspect or guilty pleas of cheating the government.

Some of those depositions included:

  • A woman who won $1,600 from the Lottery on August 21, 1990 said that she first learned of her Win from the Champ lottery system after she placed her first $1,600 bet. Within a short time she won the first $600 and $1,600 was withdrawn from her bank account.
  • A man who won $1,600 on November 21, 1990 and who later won a $1,000 lottery jackpot said that he learned of his winnings from a telemarketer.
  • A man who won $1,600 on November 21, 1990 and who got the money by playing five draws using a system that he claimed could read numbers like the speed of a sexual heartbeat. (They actually read the speed of a sexual heartbeat)

The linked website for this system shows a graph of the huge number of people who have bought the product over the last 2 1/2 years. You can even get a taste of the intrigue by trying the206 slots that they offer. Of the hundred and twenty-one slots machine combinations, they give you the opportunity to play for just $1.

At a later date, we’ll see how much you can win using these odd combinations. But already, if you like the concept of a system that will “guarantee” you at least a minimum payout, especially on the larger prizes, it would seem that the Royster Video examinations have taken a big bite out of theoling, and saved you some dough.